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Land Clarity is a consulting firm dedicated to bringing land transparency among societies, securing tenure rights, improving land management and preparing people’s resilience to land changes worldwide.

Occupying a parcel of land is essential to people as it is a source for shelter, food, energy, and an important part of social identity. Despite these essential facts, 75% of the world’s population does not have access to formal land administration and clear land management. With the increasing effects of climate change, conflicts and migration movements in many parts of the world, territories are forced to evolve quickly.

Land Clarity supports states, communities and corporations in understanding land-related complexities. Land Clarity adheres to the emerging concept of “fit-for-purpose land administration” suggesting that land administration should be designed to meet the needs of people and their relationship to land, respect the social traditions, support security of tenure for all and sustainably manage land use and natural resources.

Land Clarity specializes in two particular domains: street addressing and land information system. We use open data and mobile technology to support governments and to provide flexibility for tracking and managing changes.


Countries of experience

Afghanistan, Belize, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, France, Haiti, India, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Senegal, Sweden, Uganda, and the USA